Winter solstice

Winter solstice

Thursday, June 2, 2011

Awww June

        June is one of my favorite months in West Virginia, (along with the eleven others)... June brings warms days and warm nights, mowing grass, lightening bugs, warm black raspberries, sun dried clothes on the line, the sweet smell of freshly mown hay, the woodlark singing from the edge of the woods...I could go on and on. The lightening bugs are now out by the droves. We have already had an evening of running like fools all over the yard catching them and putting them in a jar, to keep beside the bed all night. Emilee asked me, "Grammy, why do the lightening bugs not flash as much when they are in the jar?" So I answered, from across the yard, in the dark, "Would you want closed up in a jar, when you had all the beautiful night sky to fly in?" Silence from her side of the yard, then she asked, " What if I keep them for just a little while?" I responded, "A little while won't hurt..."  She woke me up at 3:00am so we could let them back out. We decided that they are much more beautiful out in the sky than in a jar. Just another lesson learned....
        We were able to get all our hay in already. I love to be in the hayfield, feeling the hot sun baking down on your head, picking up each bale to load on the truck, knowing that you will be able to feed your flocks when the snow is hip deep. I love to open each bale in the cold winter and you can close your eyes and smell that hot hay field. The barn smells like heaven too.(I guess not everyone would think that's what heaven would smell like but I do).... The garden is all in and growing like crazy. The lettuce and onions are just about ready to start munching on. The peppers and tomatoes are bloomimg, so won't be long and I can  have my first tomato sandwich. The berries are loaded with berries. The apple trees are covered too. The elderberries are just starting to open their beautiful blooms.  The best spot in the backyard right now is under the grape arbor. The grapes are in full bloom and the mock orange and honeysuckle are right next to the arbor and they are also in full bloom. The fragrance is almost more than you can stand but I love to go over and sit for a while or take a nap in the hammock, right beside the arbor.
         All the animals are doing great. Romeo is down to one bottle a day now. He will be 4 months old on the 11th. The grass is belly deep to the goats out in the pasture. The baby goats are getting hard to tell from the big goats.  The baby chickens look like little hens now and they are enjoying running out in the barn lot chasing bugs in the tall grass. My little rooster hasn't started to try to crow yet but I love it when they start. It is one of the funniest things to watch them learn. The kittens are just about ready to make a one way trip to the barn. They are chasing us all over the house now and it is just about time for them to find out what barn cats do. And that is NOT climbing curtains.... I hope you are enjoying your June where ever you are....

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