Winter solstice

Winter solstice

Thursday, June 9, 2011

The Whipperwill was singing...

       I usually get up around 4:30 in the morning. Mostly because I have to get up that early to get my chores done but partly because I am a morning person and I love that time of day. This time of year it is so nice and cool and usually a little foggy. The lightning bugs are still flitting around, even though the robins have started to sing their morning song. This morning as I went down the driveway to get the paper, I heard a familiar song up in the woods. The whipperwill was singing! Now some people would groan if they heard me say that because a whipperwill only sings at night and usually ALL night, the same song over and over...whipperwill, whipperwill, whipperwill..... and they don't sing quietly. They believe that God gave them that gift and they use it to the fullest. We have had them stand under the bedroom window and sing but both Tim and I are in the small group that love to hear them sing, so we just pull the covers over our heads and be thankful that we live where whipperwills still sing to us at night.
        We went up in the woods the other night to cut some small saplings down to make a roost for the new chickens. The sun was getting ready to set and we sat for a while on a log and watched the evening come in. Some day we would like to build a log cabin up there, so we always have a debate on just where it should be. Tim wants it up on the ridge so we have a view but I think it should be nestled down deep in a very wooded place, tucked in the trees. So until we can decide, the debate continues. When we came down with our poles, we built the roost. The chicks were scared to death of it at first but one of the Silverlaced Wyandottes jumped up on the first rung and that's all it took. Before long they were climbing all over it. This morning when I went in, about half of them were on the roost and the rest on the floor. It won't be long and they will all get the hang of it.     Romeo is now officially weaned from the bottle. Let me say right now that he is NOT happy about it. He stand at the gate and cries and cries. He is just sure that I have had a lapse of memory and just forgotten it. Every time I go out the back door, he reminds me.     Well, I better go, have lots to do today. Enjoy the day our Lord has given us....

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