Winter solstice

Winter solstice

Friday, February 22, 2013

Happy and Sad

     Well, the day started out so happy but has had a sad ending. As you read in my previous post I thought that Esther (one of our ewes) was acting strange, like she was going into labor. After my post this morning, I went out to the barn to check on things. We were having a drizzly, icy rain so all the sheep were in the barn with Ruth except for Esther. Megg and I went out to look for her and found her way up in the woods. We brought her back down to the barn and put her in a pen. The picture is Megg sleeping in front of Esther's pen. She never left her all day. I watched her all morning and knew she was in labor but no lamb.  This afternoon we decided we would have to help her. After I checked her, I knew the lamb was dead and we had to pull it. It took us over an hour and both Tim and I were exhausted. The lamb had been dead for a while. It was a beautiful ram lamb. We are worried about Esther. She has had a very rough day. It breaks your heart to hear her call for her baby. She did eat some hay and drink some water so hopefully time will heal.  This has been a very sad day on our farm.
        On a lighter note, Miriam is a very sweet lamb and has been hugged and kissed by all today. Ruth has been very tolerant of all our admiration. I guess she knows that we need to love on that healthy, sweet baby because it makes the loss of our other lamb a little easier. I hope that all goes well with Naomi. So it has been quite a day. Bittersweet, I guess.

Always Listen to The Border Collie...

           Those of you who are regular readers of the blog, know that I have written before about Megg, our Border Collie, and how she is not one to sleep in. Well, this morning I should have listened to her. She woke me up at 3:30 by jumping up on my side of the bed. Usually, I just pull her up beside me and she will lie down next to me and wait impatiently for me to get up. If I move, she is ready to go. This morning, however, she wouldn't lie down. I could hear her pacing to the back door and then back through the house to the bed again. This went on for an hour and I finally gave in. Every morning when I open the back door, she flies out and run all over the farm, checking things out. This morning, she ran straight to the barn door and sat down. Now I knew something was up. I was half afraid to open the door and see what was going on. We were greeted by a brand new little black lamb!! Ruth, our black sheep had just given birth. Megg went over to the lamb, gave her a lick and sat down. She looked up at me as if to say... "I've been trying to tell you..." Ruth must have been making noises that only Megg could hear. Our first lamb born on Crossed Arrows Farm is a beautiful black ewe lamb. Her name is Miriam. We are so thrilled with our first lamb out of Boaz. He has turned out to be a very handsome ram. Esther has been acting strange all morning. I am not sure if she is just worried about Ruth or if she is also ready to lamb. I am watching her very closely. The moral of this story is, I need to start trusting Megg a little more. She is proving to be a whole lot smarter than I am. Thankfully, everything was fine but if this ewe had need help, I wouldn't have been there. I am learning why shepherds rely on their dogs so much. Today, I truly feel like a shepherdess. It's a grand feeling to have.