Winter solstice

Winter solstice

Friday, August 28, 2015

While you were sleeping...

       Everywhere you look on this old farm right now, you will see the work of the orb spiders. Nearly anywhere there is a corner, you will see their webs. Some are wider than a foot across and some are no bigger than a quarter.  It's just one of the many signs of an approaching autumn. I never get tired of looking at these webs, especially in the morning when they are glistening with hundreds of tiny dew drops. They are such a masterpiece! Have you ever taken the time to watch one being constructed?  Such immense patience of the tiny spider working her way back and forth, attaching strand after strand of silk.  Some strands she makes of a sticky substance to catch insects and some aren't so that she can walk on those. When an insect flies into her web, she quickly grabs them and begins to wrap them in silk, turning them over and over. Did you know toward evening, she usually eats what is left of the web and then begins to spin a new one for the next day? Isn't that amazing? How wonderful that we know the Creator of these special little spiders. He instilled the knowledge into each spider how to build a web and provide for herself. And I will say it again...what an awesome God we serve!

Tuesday, August 11, 2015

How does it happen?

       How does it happen that in just a few weeks, we go from a newly planted garden and being excited to see the first lightening bugs, to feeling fall in the air? The windowsills are all full of ripe tomatoes. The shelves in the pantry are quickly filling up. The zucchini and crooknecks are done and the vines are drying up. I can see orange pumpkins peeping through the leaves. The cabbage are full and just waiting for the Almanac to tell us when to start the sauerkraut. The pepper plants are heavy with their treasures. New potatoes are melting in our mouths several times a week. The kale plants are taller than my knees and feeding hungry rabbits daily. There is a rustle in the corn leaves that wasn't there last week. The crickets are tuning up every night now and singing us to sleep. The Joe-Pye weed is on its way out,  just to usher in the vibrant purple of the iron weed. Queen Anne's Lace is bobbing on their slender stems every where you look. The woods are full of half grown turkey poults and the deer fawn are losing their spots. The antlers on the bucks look huge with all their velvet. The monarch butterflies are flitting over the milkweed, laying their eggs. The smell of a rutting buck greeted me this morning in the barn, reminding me of a whole new crop of baby goats that will appear in just five months. The new smokehouse is ready to smoke the bacons and hams and the deer meat that will be harvested. Wood is beginning to stack up, ready to warm us this winter. Everywhere you look the signs are there.  How does this happen so quickly? I wonder why summer seems to just fly by? I'm so thankful that we have a God who is in control of the times and the seasons, Daniel 2:21. We serve an awesome God!